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The Heerderstrand

Close to the campsite is the Heerderstrand, this was an excavation site used in the construction of the A50 highway back in the 1970s. This led to the creation of a recreational pond with a beach. The Heerderstrand is located in the middle of the woods and is equipped with all conveniences such as a playground, food and drink kiosks, toilets and showers. There is a platform in the water which you can swim towards, as well as various playground equipment for children. There is a fenced-off ball field for children

The Heerderstrand is very popular with locals and tourists in the summer. The Heerderstrand is a ten minute bike ride from the campsite. The beach can also be reached by car. You can park your car at the nearby parking lot. Please note! Cars are charged a parking fee. It is free of charge for cyclists. Ask at the reception for more information about the Heerderstrand or the shortest route to the beach.

More information about the Heerderstrand.