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The Ijssel

Just east of Camping De Mussenkamp lies the IJssel river. The river slowly meanders through endless lowlands. The IJssel river is a 127 km long branch of the Rhine and is also called the most beautiful river in the Netherlands. There are many beautiful cycling routes along the river IJssel where you will have a view of the floodplains and their wildlife. During spring and summer you can encounter a lot of storks and many other remarkable bird species.

Ancient towns and villages lie along the course of the IJssel river. In between the villages there are nature reserves with polders, floodplains and centuries-old dikes. There are several cycling routes along both sides of the IJssel. Crossing the IJssel to the aptly named province of Overijssel is possible via a pedestrian ferry. This ferry runs from the Veessen in Gelderland to the hamlet of Fortmond in Overijssel. When you are in Veessen, then you can also cycle alongside the flood control channel near the village of Veessen, a wonderful example of Dutch water management and wildlife.

Besides cycling, the IJssel is also easy to explore by car. Be sure to visit characteristic sights such as Vorchten, Hattem and the aforementioned Veessen. In the wee village of Vorchten, there's an old church whose foundations date back to the ninth century A.D. You will be able to enjoy the historic and partly medieval centre in the Hanseatic town of Hattem. Aside from that, you can also have a good meal or drink in Hattem.

Places to see in the IJssel: