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The Renderklippen

You can walk straight onto the Veluwe Renderklippen nature reserve via the rear exit of the campsite.This nature reserve, which is part of the Veluwe, is characterised by vast stretches of moorland that lie on moraines. The Renderklippen moraines were created during the last ice age. Archaeological excavations have shown that the Renderklippen was already inhabited as early as 700 BC. There are several vantage points ranging in height from 10 to 15 metres throughout the undulating moorland landscape where you can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area. This nature reserve may be explored on foot as well as by bicycle and/or mountain bike. Because the Renderklippen nature reserve is located far from major cities, it is one of the few places where it can still be really dark at night, which is why the starry sky is clearly visible.

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Sheep enclosure

You may well bump into the local sheep herd on the Renderklippen moorland. A herd of 150 sheep, a shepherd and two sheepdogs are active on the Renderklippen where they graze grass and shrubs on the moor so that the moor doesn't become overgrown. The herd's home base is De Schaapskooi. This is an old haybarn where you as a visitor can see the sheep, but also have a drink or an ice cream.De Schaapskooi has plenty of parking space. You can park your car here to visit De Schaapskooi or explore the rest of the Renderklippen.

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Deer park

You can see deer and other animals at the nearby deer park. For a quiet picnic at the water's edge, you can settle down and enjoy yourself at the Pluizenmeer. This wee fen owes its name to the fluffy cottongrass that grows around the lake. You will find all of this within two kilometres of the campsite.